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We organise research and tests with liposomes, microorganisms, plant extracts and natural minerals to induce vitalisation and resistance on plants against diseases and pests. Additional research with plant activators concerning their ecological and potential yield on plant varieties. We are member of the European Life Sciences network Biofector, create marketing- plans and train the research-, marketing- and sales staff accordingly.

Wir sind erfahren in der Organisation und Beratung zum internationalen Handel und Warenaustausch.

Wir erstellen Projektstudien sowie Marketingkonzepte und trainieren Mitarbeiter in Marketing und Verkauf. Wir sind als KMU-Beratungsunternehmen bei der EU registriert.
Wir coachen Mitarbeiter in Konfliktsituationen. 


BIOFECTOR is an integrated project with the aim to reduce input of mineral fertilisers in European agriculture by development of specifically adapted bio-effectors (BEs) to improve the efficiency of alternative fertilisation strategies, such as organic and low-input farming, use of fertilisers based on waste recycling products and fertiliser placement technologies.

Bio-effectors addressed comprise fungal strains of Trichoderma, Penicillium and Sebacinales, as well as bacterial strains of Bacillus and Pseudomonades with well-characterized root growth promoting and nutrient-solubilising potential. Natural extraction products of seaweed, compost and plant extracts, as well as their purified active compounds with protective potential against biotic and abiotic stresses are also tested in various combinations. These features offer perspectives for a more efficient use of nutrients by strategic combination with the alternative fertilisation strategies. Maize, wheat and tomato are chosen as representative crops. Laboratory and European-wide field experiments assure product adaptation to the various geo-climatic conditions characteristic for European agriculture.

The final goal is the development of viable alternatives to the conventional practice of mineral Fertilisation as contribution to a more efficient management of the non-renewable resources of mineral nutrients, energy and water, to preserve soil fertility and to counteract the adverse environmental impact of agricultural production.
The project has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 312117 (BIOFECTOR).
Project Duration 60 Month 01.09.2012-31.08.2017
EU-Contribution €5,999,821




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